Recently I decided to redo (yet again) both and This led to some akward data loss; however, I did manage to scour the internet and salvage some of the old blogs I had written. Those have been added but I’m much more excited for the future. Below I will talk about what the plans for the blog are and what some of the goals are.

Video Content

Whether this takes the form of a VLOG or more structured learning content I can’t say yet. What I can say is that I’ve been experimenting with a variety of formats and am pretty excited to show you guys what I’ve been working on. One of my more favortie concepts is continuing to write blogs post; however, incorporating a video with it to explain any technical nuances that may be associated with it. Or maybe even just walking through the blog it has procedural instructions.

Content Frequency

One of the biggest things I find that most people have a hard time with is frequency. Ideally I’d like to get back on track to produce something once a week (preferable video content). We’ll see how that goes.


The first pilot classes have gone pretty well. There is a lot to consider when trying to figure out how to provide a good structured remote learning enviornment. With two small classes completed, we’ll be taking a step back and applying our notes. We’ve learned a lot about many things regarding this process and we still have a lot more to learn before we can offer premium quality content. If you’re still interested in joining an upcoming free pilot course feel free to let us know. Email me at

Social Community

We are trying to grow our Discord, Youtube, and Twitter communities. They’ve been around for a little while and we haven’t really done anything with them. This next coming year we’d like to be a little more diligent about growing them.

Discord - Youtube - Twitter -


As always we welcome any suggestions you have for improvment. Let us know!

As always, thanks for reading!

- FIN - Christopher L Medina Solutions Architect - Masterthe.Cloud